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The Party of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  Perhaps you wouldn't have if technology did not go so far. Perhaps you wouldn't have if corporations hijacked the software on your car. It's real life now, isn't it? The United States Pirate Party are issuing their new year of leadership. Help me congratulate the following new board: AJ, Chair (incumbent) Drew Bingaman,  Vice Chair Michael Cadwallader.,  Secretary Joe Onoroski,  Treasurer Eric Orzechowicz,  Auditor Rowan T., Swarmcare Manager

Dirty Little Secrets - Short Story Collection - A Mini Review


If you ever wondered about reading a short story collection of a weekend of sexual encounters was perfect for you, then this title is for you. In this collection, Tuesday Daily brings to life the character of Molly. Molly is a college student with a best friend Megan (spoiler: more than friends).

Dirty Little Secrets features six short stories. It is but reminiscent of the infamous "plot, what plot?" type of stories which is perfectly fine for some erotic writings. There is a bit of sneaking around for Molly, perhaps her character is a self-proclaimed slut, but not "the other woman" as made clear in "Friend With Benefits". What is a slut anyway? It would be interesting to see the world accept the fact that enjoying sexuality or sexual encounters is not slut behavior.

Remarkably, in between each short story was an image. The combination of images and story gives the reader something to look forward to. Most of the images pertain to the next short story, though not wildly erotic in nature. Yet, the images are artistic and beautifully selected.

I did feel some of the lesbian, if that is the right term, same-sex?, scenarios were more crafty than say like the threesome. It could be a reader preference. Definitely, however, in terms of literary style, this short collection is not literary erotica. It is pure, undulated, sex. Proceed with caution. Or do not proceed with caution: read with reckless abandon.


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