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Looking for love

I don’t know how it happened, I just know that I’ve spent way more time trying to forget a person than to actually love him. It’s like I know that he feels the same way for me, but at the same time not really. In this tug-of-war I’m tugging a little bit more but the opponent is not easy to pull. You know what’s missing in this love? Happiness. I think I’ve always wanted to know how it felt to be in love. Romantic love, the kind of love Jacob and Rebecca shared, if for a brief moment.

But even then that love wasn’t always pure. It splintered into shallow and luxurious love such as seen when Isaac passed her off to some Abimelech. You know it’s recorded in our Bible that joyous romantic Isaac and Rebecca were caught in romantic courtship by Abimelech!

And what of the love in Isaac’s later life? Rebecca schemed with her younger son Jacob for the family blessing. An heirloom as precious as the covenant between God and Abraham. No I do not want a love such as that between two souls. It is i…

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