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The Party of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  Perhaps you wouldn't have if technology did not go so far. Perhaps you wouldn't have if corporations hijacked the software on your car. It's real life now, isn't it? The United States Pirate Party are issuing their new year of leadership. Help me congratulate the following new board: AJ, Chair (incumbent) Drew Bingaman,  Vice Chair Michael Cadwallader.,  Secretary Joe Onoroski,  Treasurer Eric Orzechowicz,  Auditor Rowan T., Swarmcare Manager

Introducing Latest Projects

Happy end of 2021! Whoa, has it been a year. I'm finishing my final year at seminary. I think I had a whole year of whirlwind romances and a whole year of crafts and other artistic ventures. Spotify wrapped has shown me that I'm really into the Kaiser Chiefs right now, which I highly recommend you check out!

I'm so out of practice in blogging, but I got some sweet pics for y'all. Into the new year I will have two e-books out (print books pending). The first is a collection of short erotica. Soul's Dance & Other Erotica is available on Amazon Kindle for your reading purposes. The second book is Old Horizons a collection of poetry that is rather dark. Okay, just sad. Definitely one of the bigger poetry collections in my repertoir.

Additionally, I have created a print-on-demand stickers and t-shirt page over at Spring (formerly known as TeeSpring). Check out MxSxV Shop for some really cute designs.

So what happens next? New year; new me? I hope so. Not sure who this new me will be yet. I'm definitely looking forward to meet whatever the new year brings for me. I will have two semesters left at seminary. I will hopefully start my summer plans with a bang (more on that later!) Overall, I'm just waiting for where the wind will lead.

What about you? New year; new you? What are you up to?


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