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In His Green Book - Poetry Collection - Mini Review

  In His Green Book is a poetry collection unlike any poetry collection I have ever encountered. It is a collection of prose poetry and philosophical poetry that does not always embark on word play or literary structures. Yet, it is a very enjoyable read. Terence Asitibasi creates a sacred space of wisdom and life entertained with the natural world. There is something so mesmerizing about some of the poems that speak to a deeper understanding of this world. For example, in "With New Eyes He Sees" the opening lines capture your soul: The feeling that comes deep Inside him, as he felt that He was blind Asitibasi clearly and cleverly breaks apart 'the the deep' feeling in juxtaposition to blindness. The stanza break, the unnatural pacing of the comma, everything about these opening lines keeps the reader captive. And you just want more, okay? Luckily there are over 70 poems of more! The philosophical poem "Keep Watch" kept me pondering the 'beingness'

Chasing Dopamine?

The temperature dropped a tiny bit today, but it was still super humid. I know this because my joints creaked a tiny bit extra when I stepped wrong. So of course, me being me, I rewatched the video from the last post.

Here's the thing. I know certain foods are better than others. I've read the data, I see the vitamins and minerals listed like a good kid. But turmeric? I have never been able to incorporate it as a food item. But why? I love curry. But, I don't eat curry every day.

Cue in my new concoction. Green tea with turmeric tea. Now, it would be easy to add tumeric spice into the tea bag. I haven't done the math yet to see which is cheaper (or tastier). But I have just brew a regular cup of hot water and the two tea bags (one green tea and one turmeric tea).

What is this super concoction supposed to do? Well, taste good. Second, it's supposed to make me feel better because of all the brain chemicals. There's very little data to support that, so it all could be a placebo effect. A very yummy one.

What I’m really chasing is a connection to my indegenous Mexican ancestors who foraged plants for medicine. I am hoping to recover and reclaim some of their liturgical practices. I am hoping that by rejuvenating these practices, I can get closer to God and God’s people. At least that’s the dream.


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