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The Party of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  Perhaps you wouldn't have if technology did not go so far. Perhaps you wouldn't have if corporations hijacked the software on your car. It's real life now, isn't it? The United States Pirate Party are issuing their new year of leadership. Help me congratulate the following new board: AJ, Chair (incumbent) Drew Bingaman,  Vice Chair Michael Cadwallader.,  Secretary Joe Onoroski,  Treasurer Eric Orzechowicz,  Auditor Rowan T., Swarmcare Manager

Am I chasing dopamine?

 Every once in a while, I stock up on green tea. I just like the brisk flavor. Brisk, as in tangy but also smooth. Brisk as in regenerative. If we were to run a Google search for “green tea”, we’d probably find endless “benefits of green tea” articles.

I’m wary of those articles. There’s a line between data supporting claims and data that is created to support claims. I can’t discern that line, I’m not trained.But I’m willing to try a touted food cure. Worst case scenario: nothing happens. Best case scenario: it actually works.

And in terms of depression and anxiety. I sometimes wonder if I am chasing dopamine. Or am I chasing serotonin. Regardless of what I think I’m chasing. I’m relieved that I enjoy green tea. Green tea is listed as a brain food in the following video. I might add it to my roundup of foods. Perhaps you’d enjoy it too.


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