Am I chasing dopamine?

 Every once in a while, I stock up on green tea. I just like the brisk flavor. Brisk, as in tangy but also smooth. Brisk as in regenerative. If we were to run a Google search for “green tea”, we’d probably find endless “benefits of green tea” articles.

I’m wary of those articles. There’s a line between data supporting claims and data that is created to support claims. I can’t discern that line, I’m not trained.But I’m willing to try a touted food cure. Worst case scenario: nothing happens. Best case scenario: it actually works.

And in terms of depression and anxiety. I sometimes wonder if I am chasing dopamine. Or am I chasing serotonin. Regardless of what I think I’m chasing. I’m relieved that I enjoy green tea. Green tea is listed as a brain food in the following video. I might add it to my roundup of foods. Perhaps you’d enjoy it too.


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