When the rubber meets the road.

"IMG0002" by National Forests in Florida is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 
Technically speaking, this Friday (03/20/20) will be the eighth day that my “self-quarantine” began. I do not believe my room has ever been this clean. I just bought some new storage bins to keep my pantry in order. Ideally, I’d buy a whole lot more storage bins. But let me be honest, I am using my Spring Break to occupy my mind with things other than grad school. The biggest assignment of my life is coming up. I know, that is very dramatic. All of my assignments in seminary have been the biggest assignments of my life. I am just very dedicated to my passion and calling to be a minister.

The assignment is the first “practice” of a Lord’s Day, or Sunday Worship Service.I have to memorize four spoken components of worship and record myself for my classmates AND professor. I am very nervous about it. The last three months tried my faith. I am scrubbing and wringing the biblical text to explore things that question essential doctrine to the church.

Perhaps my endless questioning and searching will be my demise. I know my humor can be my demise, I apologize to all those that think it is. But apologies do not mean anything if they are not followed by actions. Moving forward I am going to practice more of my calling. I am going to start practicing for my assignment. I am going to blog a little bit more. There is more to this world than the road we walk on. Perhaps you can join me and find your own adventures?


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