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The Party of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

  Perhaps you wouldn't have if technology did not go so far. Perhaps you wouldn't have if corporations hijacked the software on your car. It's real life now, isn't it? The United States Pirate Party are issuing their new year of leadership. Help me congratulate the following new board: AJ, Chair (incumbent) Drew Bingaman,  Vice Chair Michael Cadwallader.,  Secretary Joe Onoroski,  Treasurer Eric Orzechowicz,  Auditor Rowan T., Swarmcare Manager

Remembering a Song

I strongly believe that every moment in life has a soundtrack. I’d often defined my life by song. An example being that “My Love Is Better,” by Annie defined the year I graduated college. The song is super upbeat and very poignant in behavior. Especially, since the artist’s love is better than the man’s current lover.

There were times when my theme song was “Incense & Peppermints,” by Strawberry Alarm Clock. Because, “who cares what games we choose / little to win, but nothing to lose.” Or train wreck rock like Motley Crue. A really special time included “Genius of Love,” by Tom Tom Club.

I’m having the time of my life at the moment. I’m a bit of a mess. A little bit of a controlled mess, though. Currently working on a platform for a career in publishing. I have a few songs that fit this time period. The first is “Rubber Glove Seduction,” by PTP. It’s an industrial track with everything a good Joy Division track would feature: synths, repeating vocals, and disorder.

Followed by an old time favorite. “Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)” by Rubix. Short and sweet synth and vocal repetition. It’s upbeat as well. But this soundtrack isn’t complete. Reaching around for other tracks to add, I can’t help but bring in “Archie, Marry Me,” by Alvvays. I always add different lyrics to this song. First, there’s that killer line “You’ve expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony.” I like to take that line and add “but you still married her.” It’s quite the depiction of some of my past relationships. They’ve left me absolutely bitter.

Maybe there’s just too much to feel at the moment. I could try tuning everything out with the “Harlem Shake,” by Baauer. Nothing like a throwback meme to really wedge consciousness into prime time. I’ll keep on keeping on and listening to music.


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