All the days

New days, old days, all the days are perfect days for happiness. Consequently, happiness is not about a perfect existence but about finding power-ups every chance we get. That’s what I’ve attempted these past few years.

I’ve never had a goal-oriented plan though. The last year and a half proved to be trying, toxic at times, incredibly rewarding at times, and extremely critical in the formation of who I am. The years before then helped as well, binding the fibers of my interests and talents into a fabric of skill.

I’m really excited for new challenges. I’m a bit upset about the projects I didn’t complete. But, I’m mostly upset that in a time when I needed to rest I chose to keep running at high speeds. And somehow I could be doing the same thing right now.

But this time. I’m making it a priority to move based on goals and steps. If step A isn’t finished I can’t do step B. If goal 1 is not being completed then I’ll work on that. It sounds like I’m over complicating things, but it’s how I work. I may never be the hard working person that used to work 14+ hours a day as a publisher. But, I sure do look forward to breaking apart the 17 hours I have in a day to work, study, and relax wisely.

With that being said, stay tuned for changes on my brand. I can’t wait to share the new and exciting things in my life under my new-old name: Sarai Oviedo.


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