Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Overnight Move

Sometimes a healthy dose of surprise is okay. I seem to have perfected the art of moving at the will of God. It’s always a rough, uncomfortable, and hasty move. It could happen in 24, 48, or 36 hours. Yet, it’s a necessary move.

Moving back to my hometown is not easy. I miss a lot of people. I see things I knew were there before. I see new things that have developed. But most importantly I see the need for love and abundance.

This city is plagued with restaurants, and most people don’t cook at home. I see a need for a resurgence of home cooked meal. I see a need for family. I see a need for understanding.

I see lots of needs in the society. It makes me wonder what the difference is between this area of Texas and other areas. What is the defining characteristic that will transform our little place into an area of abundance, joy, and love.

It could all start with changing fear into respect. It could not, but I’m sure I will find out soon enough.

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