Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I don’t know if I’m ballsy or ridiculous

I tried to meditate the other morning. I know, it’s a far fetched concept. I hadn’t officially meditated since 2009. Anyhow, I’m meditating, having a cool time. My eyes are closed and I’m just chilling with my meditation friends in my mind and then there was like this dark cloud coming into the picture. At first my friends were like, hey you wanna jet. This looks bad.

A small panic made me jump. But I shook my head. I was going to face that dark cloud. It was about time to face my nightmares. I don’t think I knew what I was getting into.

From the dark cloud a man appears. He’s tall, dark, kind of handsome. He seemed genuinely respectful except for one thing. He had a look in his eyes. The kind that I recognized as wickedness.

How long do you think you could run. The man spoke.

I laughed and launched an arrow made of God at the tip of his feet. He was entrapped in blue fire. I will run as long as I have to.

There is no use in running. Everyone has a crack in their heart, and I will latch onto that. He said as he tried to push the fire away with his finger.

I laughed. He then tried to rise up to escape the fire. But the fire followed him up. You don’t think I know that?

You don’t have the power to destroy me. He said amused.

You don’t think I know that? But you are just jealous of God. Your whole point in life is to deter us from him with your lies and false promises. My role in this world is not to destroy you. But to be free from you. In the same way you will latch onto the cracks of a heart. I will do my best to find the weakness in your chains and free people from you. Only my Lord can destroy you.

He laughed and pushed his entire body through the flames leaving behind his well appearance and showing his true body and nature. Something so horrific that I wish no one else would ever see.

I finished my meditation feeling scared and proud.

“Who in the world would ever act that way toward the Devil?” Was the first thought that came into my mind. I laughed shrugging it off. Thanking God for the wonderful day he had given me again.

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