Sunday, January 28, 2018

In the grand scheme of things.

I always use the argument that a body is like a car when a friend complains about needing to eat better, exercise, or just do general health things. I actually know very little about cars. But in my limited understanding. If you don’t fill up your tank with gas, your car is probably going to go nowhere.

If you don’t check them tires. Those tires are not going to take you anywhere. I can sit here all day and bore you with my small concept of cars. But here’s the deal. Without fuel, your body won’t do. And without proper maintenance. Your stamina will lessen and you will probably be exhausted. Exhaustion does not lead to well being.

That’s the bottom line for me right now. Am I well enough to keep going OR am I well enough to continue recovering. At work Saturday I begged my supervisor to let me stay and work on a different area of production. She tried, but followed her gut and took me two supervisors above her.

If you feel sick, go home.

I have a hard time accepting rest. I also have a hard time keeping myself active enough. But there’s a sweet spot between being so brain active, body active, and rest. It’s a different balance for all of us. But you can’t take you body to a mechanic for the magic formula for sudden breaks or the fuel efficiency you need.

Hey but the argument still stands. In the same way we take care of our possessions we must take care of our body. Maybe take care of ourselves more than said posessions. That’s the bottom line.

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