Celebrating 7 years of crochet

I finished my first crochet project the last week of December in 2011. But I didn't really get into it until April 2012 when for the first time ever I went to church. Crochet has always been that thing I can do well, but not because I actively seek new patterns or new stitches...but because I enjoy it.

I enjoy finding new colors and creating new things. Even if it's the same hat pattern forever and ever. I think I've made close to 200 hats since 2011. I just enjoy crocheting. It’s something to do. It’s better than watching TV, though crocheting while watching TV is super fun.

And though I only enjoy the art of bringing that yarn through the the loops and chains...it’s okay. I don’t have to look at new patterns, new yarns, new stitches, new hooks. All I need is one strand, one hook, and an idea in mind to create.

Happy crochet anniversary to me.


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