Defining barriers

If I do the math correctly, I spent the last 11 years defining and remaking my identity as an adult. One can say that it’s inaccurate to say that an 18 year old is an adult..or that as a child I was pretty adult-ish in behavior as bossypants of the family. However, neither age or behavior defines an adult.

I always explain to people that success in reaching children starts with treating them with respect and like adults without the expectations or consequences of adults. In a way, that’s a clue to my identity as an adult. I’m fully respected as an adult and I have the expectations and consequences to match my behavior.

Regardless, what does my identity encompass? I had a powerful reaction to the text we studied at the Pastor’s Bible Study on Thursday. So powerful, that I broke down crying. Something I do when a chain of emotions run amok in me. And if you’re going to break down at a Bible Study, might as well do it when the pastor is around. It helps to talk about it, and we talked briefly about what I was feeling. Which was tied to a painful memory, and after the discussion the pastor suggested to write a list.

This list, consequently, would define what I would NOT do for the church first and second will leave room for what I WILL do for the church. Meaning, that if my identity revolved around what I will and will not do, I’m seriously considering who I am by behavior.

It seems that identity is paramount to growth. And though I’ve spent the last 11 years formatting and defining who I am. There’s still a lot left for me to explore.


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