A new study

Sunday after lunch I lay in bed to do something. Probably to play my secret/guilty pleasure of a game titled Politicats. It's addictive and one day I'm going to unlock all the levels and going to win first place in a tournament. But for now I'm good with third place in a tournament and not unlocking all the levels.

At some point or another I took a nap. A six hour nap, which technically isn't a nap. But I used take long naps after church on Sundays in most of March and April. Naps after church are my thing. It's like a hard reset button. Instead of just restarting it's like turning off and taking out the batteries before starting up again.

It's ten o'clock in the evening. I played some more of my game and in between bursts of gameplay I turned to Youtube. I really wanted to watch a movie, but I wasn't feeling emotionally drawn to any of the characters readily available. So I thought carefully about the coming Pentecost Vigil occurring next weekend at my church. And my independent Biblical studies seem to go back to Acts and Romans lately. Particularly Romans, and anything related to the Apostle Paul. So Youtube helped me out and I found some great lectures, or talks from the Lanier Theological Library in Houston.

I noticed that there's a lot of people in the Youtube comments who have a lot to say about everything. But one thing I noticed is that though knowledge is freely available on the Internet, and further, in private libraries such as the Lanier Theological Library, I have yet to take advantage of that. I was reminded of the days where I poured over Wikipedia Articles over and over making a timeline of the dawn of humanity.

At that time, I wondered and searched for the earliest civilizations. I pin pointed the time frames from Neanderthals to the early Sumerians. Hoping, searching for an inclination that there was a God or a common theme in our human sense and yearning for religion. Though primitive a study, my findings led me to a woman god who's purpose was to create that cycle of life through birth. But then that led to the two faced woman god who could not only birth life but death (as seen through the birth of stillborn children).

Satisfied that I found a sort of answer I stopped searching at that moment. But yesterday that thirst for knowledge asked for a drink again. I can't discredit the arguments of people on the Internet as all of them being childish with no sense of what they're talking about. Because NT Wright, a New Testament Scholar said something very interesting in one of his lectures/talk and, I PARAPHRASE, the thing is that though not everyone is a theologian; some people have pieces of wisdom that the priest or theologian needs to hear.

Will I have to revive my prehistoric study of religions via more credible sources than Wikipedia? Maybe. There's something that I'm looking for and won't know until I find it. But, it's going to be great. I know that it will be.


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