This day that was made especially for us

Of all the Sundays I’ve had at church, nothing had ever compared to this previous Sunday. It must have been the thunderstorm, or the closeness we feel as church goers. Whatever it was, it was OFF THE HOOK.

I had three objectives Sunday. One being laundry, y’all know how much I LOVE LAUNDRY. The other two were start the crochet phase of the plarn mats and attend a workshop. Boy, did I forget it was also Family Table, the monthly luncheon and combined worship. Totally mind blown about my forgetfulness I arrived at church exactly at 9:35 am to teach Sunday School.

Oh, and this teacher forgot to read the lesson before class AND forgot to bring the lesson book to class. So we improvised. But, because the normal space was taken up by Family Table, the class sunk into the corner of the room. And the bags came out. And the folding began. And the talking began. And I grasped at thin air for a lesson for the day.

So I started with a question. “What does it mean to be Christ?”

“Don’t you mean Christ-like?” one of the attendees asked me immediately. But, of course. I wasn’t aiming to know what Christ-like means. We talk about being Christ-like every day all day. I’m not sure if it ever sticks or if people are just tired of wanting to know how to be Christ-like! So what does it mean to be Christ? I asked. I stopped innocent bystanders and asked them as well.

One of my innocent bystanders kept coming back and forth trying to answer the question until he sat down and joined us in the creation of plarn. And then he asked very pertinent questions that led to the conclusion that the only reason we fold the bags is so that we can cut them into strips so that we can join the strips together to make plarn. Of course, being an engineer of sorts he made a list of how to speed up the process.

And then someone came around taking pictures of the class and their flash was so bright that we thought it was lightning. Not once, not twice, but three times the flash of the camera spooked us as the hard sounds of hail and rain came down over the church roof.

But the conversation of the class wove itself into the production of the plarn. We came to a conclusion that being Christ is like being a servant to the will of God. And though we could be servants to everyone else, helping everyone else, if we don’t do so for the Glory of God then we’re almost doing a bunch of nothing. Yet, I counteracted. “Do we really think that when we are only doing things for our glory that we’re not subconsciously doing some things for the Glory of God?”

I’ll stop my story about last Sunday here. So much more unfolded. Many laughs were shared. At the end of the day I crawled into bed around 3 o’clock and napped the most glorious nap ever. And I woke up with the assurance that I’m at the right place at the right time. I just have to learn about what is like to be Christ (not Christ-like). I have to learn that deep down, there is this assurance. There is this strength and confidence. And that every day is a day made especially for us to live in.


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