The future is uncertain and changing

The minute I decided my work schedule was great and my meal prep was a great beginning success. And the minute I decided to open up to my pastor about my intentions as a publisher and teacher and in some ways a trendsetter..

The minute I began incorporating 20 minutes of extra activity into my mornings before starting my day. That's the minute I accepted the challenge to engage in the creation and production of my next poetry book. The book that exists only as an outline and portfolio in my Google Drive.

The book that I printed over 50 pages of poems written in the past seven years. I circled and crossed out the chosen poems, the poems that would reflect my skill and intuition about the craft. It would be the easiest book to publish, since most of it is already organized and some of it has received acknowledgements through publication.

But that all changed this morning during breakfast right after sunrise service in Urdu. My home church being a multicultural entity, loving and exceedingly talented, of course there is a South Asian community in its fold. Engaged in humanly conversation we talked under the guise of breakfast. And the discussion resulted in the statement that we have one eternal life through Christ as opposed to seven lives through reincarnation. I admitted, "I wish I had seven eternal lives." And took a big spoonful of my breakfast.

The moment I admitted to wanting seven eternal lives I understood what the real challenge in the book is going to be. See I ended up laying in bed after church and lunch and laundry. And I slept. And then the final dream in the sequences of sleep thoughts unfolded. And finally, after 11 years of not existing in the physical world, my childhood home burned down. If in this physical world the grasps of a bulldozer couldn't bring it down, then in the metaphysical world it couldn't go any other way than with the flame of rebirth.

As the fire began within the oven and leaped into the cabinets on the right, spilling onto the floor and to the left over the kitchen sink. We ushered first the children. Screaming to all my siblings, "It's time! It's time to go now!" My voice carrying through all the narrow rooms and broken doors.

Of course I really woke up because I slept right into dinner time. Or because my homie Paul in Acts was being too loud and just no one can get any decent sleep when he starts. Please keep my new book Straight from the Heart in your thoughts as I use the ashes of my childhood home as ink.


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