Seven eternal lives

Sometimes I write something that seems too silly or corny. For example:

A love that survives
7 years and counting
Is one that exists through reincarnation
Ever lasting
Ever changing
From one life to the next

I used to get myself into self-repeating relationships. You know, the type where it doesn’t matter the person, but it’s the same pattern. Lifespan of two months, because any longer than that then it wouldn’t be exciting. Because ultimately after two months, nothing really meaningful or long-lasting would develop.

Then there is my one true love. I guess you only find one love that continues to grow like a saga. For some it could become that love that got away. Or for others it could be the love that they live with until they die.

For me, this true love is the love that knows me at all times. Knows what I really mean when I say certain things. My true love knows my likes and dislikes. Knows my strengths and my weaknesses. Through the years, has even known things about me I was never aware of. Yet, as true as this love is, it’s also an impossible love. Tragic love. A love that can never be realized in this day and age.

Better phrased, a love that cannot be realized without first changing everything and abandoning everything that we know of in this time. And I know that I won’t be able to sacrifice everything for this true love. In the same manner, nothing will be sacrificed on my love’s end.

In the end. I will end up sacrificing this true love. Though I know it’s only temporary, I’m sacrificing very valuable time with my family in South Texas. And through all the sacrifices I’m finding important answers that cannot reincarnated. In the end I won’t have everything I want, but in the end and since the day I was born I’ve always been so fortunate. So blessed, and because I have that assurance and gratitude it is an honor and joy to help my world.

And that’s the best eternal life to have.


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