Needs of students

Sometimes I think my Sunday School crowd attracts everyone. But mostly, I think it offers a mix of things for different people. It definitely satisfies a different need for everyone. For example, today we acquired four Bibles to add to our repertoire. Instead of reading the passage from the study book I read it from the Bible. It was different.

For one, it’s a version I’m not too familiar with. Second, the print is SO TINY. Third, I really wasn’t sure if changing the class format would work out. Usually I just ask a question that gets discussion going, but this time I didn’t. This last Sunday in April we started with John 10:1-15, and a few extra lines afterward for good luck.

And we had a very powerful discussion or the first 10 minutes of class. Just scripture, no yarn or plastic bags. No talk about new knitting techniques. Nothing else mattered but the scripture. And it’s great, give it a read on Bible Gateway. Bookmark it, stare at, and really ask yourself:

Am I following thieves or am I following Christ?

That’s the question we didn’t get to discuss this Sunday because I had to cut class short because I had to sacrifice my Sunday afternoon to work. I did a lot of reading and every law out there says that if I’m on the schedule I’m obligated to work that day. But why does my work create a wedge in between my church life right now? Why can’t I just live humbly with my God everyday versus just on Sundays?

I ask myself these questions and think about them very much. And because of these questions I decided that my class needs to start with scripture. Because without scripture and without the passion and joy and comfort and warmth we find as a class we can’t continue to create our projects. Scripture satisfies my needs in this Sunday School class.


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