Crash Landing

I’m going to theorize that it’s not always a smooth transition when a person ups and moves over night. I don’t think I really thought of what it meant to just “up and move.” I think I just tried to conquer one part of the process at a time. It’s semi-officially a month and a half since I started this move. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, and mostly there’s been a lot of “oh--that’s what that was supposed to--ooo.”

And then there’s been the situations where I’m at loss and I can’t get a handle of things. They’re prompting this blog post. It’s a mix of big and little things. For example, I can’t deal with the dishwasher at work not cleaning all the food off a plate. Hosing it down makes a bigger mess; and just throwing it in the washer again pisses me off.

Church is great and all but I can’t decide if I like the contemporary worship or the traditional version better. Nothing is ever going to compare to the church back home, but somehow I’m thinking it’d be cool to go to both of them. But, who goes to church twice?!? And listen to the same sermon...actually I have done that a couple of times…

But sometimes I just can’t deal. I go to work, serve food, clean up-do dishes, sweep & mop. Then I go home and cook food, clean up-do dishes, sweep & mop. Then I volunteer at church once a week to serve food, clean up. Is that what they call passion?

Is wanting a relationship and being in a relationship the same thing? Is being in a relationship and loving someone the same thing? How does a boyfriend affect my relationship with God?

I don’t know the answers to these situations. My old book of answers aren’t equipped for these situations. And that just makes this move that much more difficult because the big things like missing friends and family are my first priorities. I need to find ways to keep in touch with my friends because I miss them so much! I’ll figure something out.


  1. Wings were meant for flying. Good luck my little bird.

  2. Wings were meant for flying. Good luck my little bird.

  3. Friends miss you too but are awfully proud of this leap of faith that you made!

  4. God's got this! So proud of you and we are just a post away!

    1. Post...will keep that on my list. Thank you <3


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