Letters, 11012010

For some odd reason, I decided to send my sister a letter. I’ve always thought letter writing was a lost art form, maybe I’ll start writing letters again. The importance of this letter, though is that I wrote it a month in after having started the On Impression Network. I edited two publications and gave support to three other publications at the time.

In the letter, I write to my sister, “I know this writing thing isn’t paying off right now.” And it hadn’t, hasn’t, I actually don’t refer to myself as a writer as much anymore. Because to be a writer, one needs to go around calling themselves a writer. To be a writer, one must be in publications. To be a writer, one must write periodically. To be a writer, one must have a writing mentor who edits them and guides them toward being more of a writer.

My mentor and I parted ways early last winter. I don’t always check in on the people I mentored when I was a publisher. I struggle a lot to sit down at a desk. There’s always something I need to do, want to focus on. My drive and ambition as a writer lies dormant except for when I update my blog.

But now I’m thinking. What would make writing pay off right now? I’ve only been writing to almost 20 years now, at what point do I let myself pursue it freely? Things to think about.


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