In the middle of things

Today I experienced something I didn’t know: a community at worship. It was cool because I wasn’t the only one late for worship. I wasn’t the only one coughing up a fit, too. Allergies, the struggle is real.

I began this year with a big adventure to NYC to find employment and start a new life. I realized that it wasn’t for me, yet. One afternoon, while suffering with my spotty GPS, I walked around a block and felt a different sense of peace while passing a grocery store, a church, and a town house all within walking distance. It wasn’t till after much meditation about my trip that I understood what I needed to learn from my trip. I needed to learn to let God.

For all the plans I can make, and all the plans I can execute, nothing is truly in my control. I left NYC on the 7th of January with the plans of beginning work paperwork on the 9th. That wasn’t God’s plan. I arrived to my destination by the 10th and shortly after had to take care of a sprained ankle and allergies that turned into a severe sinus congestion.

I had to wait. I’m definitely not one who can wait peacefully, too. But, two weeks of waiting has led me to the understanding I have now. I know, though stubborn and slow, that my path back to Texas was for a larger reason. It’s not for the end-goal of a life of living near the perfect grocery store, church, or town house. It’s for the purpose of helping those in need through a larger framework that starts with local communities.

Life is full of moving parts and now I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of things. The future starts in 12 hours. New job orientation, new worshiping community, new yarn adventures… tomorrow is going to be a big day. But waiting for tomorrow is a bigger task. We build our world through the quiet moments even if we feel stuck in the middle of things.


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