I'm on the titanic

Back to the Titanic metaphor, but this time with people (not a race against time to bake a cake). Everyone has their own scars to wade through. Some have less, some have more. Some have figured out how to heal them without picking at them so much. But we all have baggage. We all have levels of anxiety, sadness, and loneliness.

And we're all on the Titanic together. That's the most important thing, that even though we don't express it all the time, most of us have each other. It's what we're here for. To latch on like chains on molecules and experience life.

I wish I could do more. As a quiet activist the majority of what I do is listen. I listen to the words of my peers. I sit with them and read their body language. We interact with each other, and it's from these experiences that I can understand how to do more. If there is a need, I will find a resource for it.

But there's only so many rescue boats. A life vest in this example is time. And there is hardly any time, the Titanic is sinking. Fast. Life happens so fast. The people we choose to fit in our rescue boats, are the most wonderful people we could ever have in our lives. And I really hope that I can continue to fill my rescue boat with these amazing and incredible people.


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