10 Days before Christmas

We’re a family of knick knacks. We mostly love notebooks, pens, and scissors. The scissors, well I just always lose my scissors and I really only like the small ones that are easily lost. But most importantly, we’re a very blessed family. There’s not a whole lot we need as gifts. Like, we’re not going to need the latest iPad. Or the latest and newest printer. We can look around each other’s belongings and say “well I’m tired of looking at those socks. I’m going to get so-and-so socks for Christmas.” Did so-and-so need socks?


We don’t need anymore yarn. We don’t need any new knitted or crocheted items. We don’t need anymore tupperware. What do you give to someone who doesn’t need anything? Your love, affection, and possibly a good laugh. So I bought my sisters “fun” presents. Like the absurdist cutest knick knacks they’re not going to need or use and possibly give away with time (or displace).

But it’s funny and I get a kick out of finding these things. My so-called retail therapy, because shopping is shopping even if I’m only out buying flour. And family is very important to me right now. I have a new appreciation for coming home and doing what I’ve done my entire life: taking care of them. It’s a lot easier now, and it should have been then too, but we won’t go into that.

It’s 10 days before Christmas, are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?


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