Thanksgiving Dinner

I don’t remember why I don’t like holidays. And I like them less nowadays. But, maybe I just grew into them. Lately, I’ve been watching way too many food programs. And since they’re seasonal, a lot of them are showcasing big dinner recipes left and right. Lately, I’ve also discussed way too many recipes with my knitting friends.

And this television and discussions really makes me want to write down the traditional dinners we have as a family. Seeing the dishes written out as puzzle pieces is particularly pleasing. And maybe if they were written down, I’d be able to teach my sisters the recipes. Then no matter how close or spread apart we are, we could all be eating the same meals.

We tend to keep our family alive by the foods we cook together. I’ve always believed that our Thanksgiving Dinner was over the top, but it’s just right for our family. Our Thanksgiving Dinner consists of the turkey, dressing (hey I just learned that it’s only called stuffing if it’s inside the turkey), buttered corn, green beans with bacon and red onions, mashed potatoes and gravy. On the rare occasion, we would eat dinner and dessert which was a slice of apple pie and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Now, since I’m all adept at cooking now.. It feels like I’m ready to adjust our Thanksgiving dinner and include something like a light salad (regular old greens), just kidding. We’ll think of something. Definitely adding cornbread muffins. Special request from my youngest sister. Any ideas on a third veggie side dish for my Thanksgiving Dinner?


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