Unanswered Questions

I’m so glad Youtube reminded me about the Vice Presidential Debate while I searched for videos on the magic loop in knitting. Did you know that the magic loop is a great party trick? Well, try it. It’s “fun.”

I’m definitely glad that I managed to count to four as I worked on a knitted. My ribbing looks pretty good. I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram as soon as it’s presentable for the Internet. I stopped working on my hat to intently watch the debate toward the end. The part where personal faith became involved. I felt very satisfied with the answers. But, then I quickly remembered two questions that did not receive a proper answer.

The first had to do with Candidate Trump’s theoretical policy to deport all undocumented immigrants AND their children. As, Candidate Trump would do-away with birthright citizenship. Hey, that concerns me. I’m a first generation American simply because both of my parents are Mexican immigrants. Note, immigrants, not aliens. I hate talking about immigration because I think it’s so dehumanizing to tell a group of individuals that they broke laws to enter a country and they are not welcomed.

I’ve heard the position in the past that some undocumented immigrants balk at the idea of returning to their hometowns because the United States is now their home. And now Candidate Trump’s running mate Pence exclaims that birthright citizens should also return to their parents country of origin. I’m concerned, because Mexico was never my country of origin. But, I have hope. If for whatever reason I immigrate to Mexico, I’m going to know how to speak Spanish. I’m going to get in communication with my aunts and cousins. And hopefully I’ll be able to work.

The second question dealt with homebound terrorist attacks. In particular the latest incident in Orlando, Florida was mentioned, but this really concerns to any act of terror executed by a US Citizen (If it were a birthright citizen, would they be considered a citizen?). It’s heartbreaking how neither running mate, neither Kaine or Pence, could stop their bickering about irrelevant topics to address a valid concern that is so important. But, then again that’s also a red flag, so to say, about either party. They don’t have answers. Politicians don’t have answers, because Government is not the answer.

We’re the answer. How can we prevent homebound terrorist attacks? By being more loving, more understanding, more open to the people around us. It’s a widespread belief that in order to have global change, we must concentrate on changing ourselves. Then focus on our family, our neighbors, and our communities. It can work, you know. Building relationships with our communities can build our nation to be “great again.” We just have to continue being the answers.


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