Greed is an injustice

It has to be something I’ve always believed. But, I definitely feel that doing things that aren’t for the good of people is absolutely pointless. For example, if I’m going to work and budget every last dollar, I’m going to budget a percentage to give to the homeless. I’m going to budget a couple to pay for someone’s bus ride.

Thing is that it’s not a fixed budget item. Helping people is an every moment mission. But sometimes I forget that. I become greedy, in my own sense. Behaviors that bother me, like going to a different store to buy cheaper garlic. Garlic bulbs at the store I always go to, run 2 for $1...while in the store is out of the way garlic is 3 for $1. That’s just so annoying, but a lot of people can say that’s economical.

But it’s just so petty. This past Friday I was supposed to sell my handmade items at an outdoor event. A stray tail of Hurricane Matthew rained us out. Which is totally normal. It’s just that I had this feeling that I wasn’t supposed to buy a booth to that event. It was like an understanding with the folds of time. But, I tried to be daring and not listen to my gut feeling. Because I didn’t want to disappoint my sisters. I had given my word that I would sell their knitted items. I was being greedy, even if no one agrees with me.

Aren’t we all greedy? Maybe not in the way I am. But, aren’t we all looking through the fine print for that credit card that gives us cash back or airline miles on purchases. Is it a terribly bad thing? Yeah it is, because sometimes it’s the symptom of the nasty thing called being unfulfilled. And that’s where it’s so wrong, so unjust. It tears us apart. Not only are we unfulfilled but we’re being torn apart, that's outrageous..

I wish I knew a solution.


  1. You are partly right.
    But you can't short change yourself either.
    Love you.

    1. Partly right is cool. I know I can't short change myself, but sometimes I forget.

      Thanks for reading, love you too.


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