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I didn’t choose the Christian life, the Christian life chose me. In fact, I chose to spend the first quarter century of my life as an Atheist. Yes, a red letter capital A type atheist. All in all, it means that I have a very colorful past. I lived, live a colorful life. And most importantly, I’m not going to be shocked as much about anything anyone does when they deviate from … let’s use the word sainthood. In fact, I shrugged off a friend because I blatantly told him that no matter what vernacular he used, or what his masturbatory patterns were, it wasn’t going to irk me. Yeah that was brutal.

Let me clue you in on what is more brutal: Sunday School. There are just too many questions and not enough time to ask. Burning questions like, why does God get to be a boy? Why does Job always have to be arguing with God? Who told us we were naked in reference to Adam and Eve? Why did Hillary Clinton call Christians deplorable because they proclaim homosexuality and even transgender people a sin? Like really, who is more deplorable Christians, Hillary Clinton who changed her opinion for votes, or homosexual or transgender Christians?

As Christians, we don’t always talk about the great things about being Christians. Such things like, we are saved by the Grace of God. Things like, we can’t really accept Christ until we have been awoken by the Holy Spirit. Hello, says the person who chose to be an Atheist for 25 years. We hardly, if ever, talk about how great people who are are caring are. How great people who are generous are. How great people who become our community are. How great people who volunteer to bring cookies to funerals are. How great people who willingly serve on committees to run an institution are.
How great it is for people who love you to think warm and positive thoughts on your behalf. Yes that’s it. Being a person who is warm and caring has always been a priority for myself. I chose to believe that I didn’t need God because I was warm and caring and always thought warm and positive thoughts for people. I always volunteered and helped people. I always cared for the wellbeing of people. And I most definitely did not care if people lived colorful pasts, led exotic sex lives, or even were transgender. Because, we’re all people.


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