Reaching an Understanding

I think I finally understand what it means for some persons to reach the conclusion of suicide. I think it becomes a way to stop the cycle of being so focused on other people and disregarding the advice:

Think of all the people you will affect with your decision.

I believe the decision is reached because the individual is finally thinking of themselves. The conclusion is reached because it really feels like it's the end of the line. That the individual feels like there's no more improvement in their situation and that they'd just rather not stick around for more of the same.

In coming to that understanding, I'm also understanding that it's a permanent solution to whatever seems to be ailing the individual. Whatever it is, for whatever the reason, the problem is too big for one person.

And that's where having a community can help. It takes a village, it really does. I'm concerned that we are focusing very little attention with each other as living people. Yes, we seem to be doing an outstanding job at looking at ourselves as persons. With all our innovations we have developed ways to cater to people's dietary, emotional, spiritual, and existential needs.

But, it will never be enough. If we look at our population as individuals instead of as a people, then we will never be able to raise an understanding of how individuals work in our world setting. If we don't bridge the stance of "being considerate for the well being of others" and "being considered for the well being of one individual" then we will continue to build a dividing world.

A world that supports certain individuals conclusion to suicide. At least that's how it makes sense right now.


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