Working Pains

I could totally sit down very still for 8 to 10 hours straight to crochet. I did do it before, for design. But that was more like 12 to 14 hours straight of design. Design was painful. No one really explains that the majority of the work is one hand running around the keyboard inputting every shortcut imaginable and the other is swiveling a mouse back and forth over the desk. Or the pen and tablet combination. Which is still taxing, yet so much easier.

With crochet...there are three ways I can hold my hook. I can technically crochet normal, backwards, upside down and wrong-side down. I can create stitches at speeds of 100 stitches per ten minutes. Roughly translates to a big scarf in four hours. Give or take a few, I’m not a ninja crocheter anyhow.

Lately though, I’ve noticed that extensive periods of crochet do create aches and pains in my wrists, the bottom of my palms, and even my fingers. On both hands. So one day someone passed around a magnesium lotion that once applied to your hands would help with joint pain. Didn’t help so I went ‘shopping’ around the store to look for other medicated ointments and lotions and I found something cool.

I found a very inexpensive tube marketed as “arthritis pain relief,” that listed mint or spearmint or something related as the ingredients in it. I didn’t buy it. I went home and applied some minty essential oils to my hands, and shoulders, and elbows...I was very refreshing that evening. The pain didn’t magically disappear, and I can’t say that the essential oil cured the ache.


...revolutionary thought of the day. If I just took breaks in between crocheting and relaxed my arms and hands after being locked up in one position for so long. And maybe did some stretches and jogged my cardiovascular system a bit..hey my hands would hurt less. It wouldn’t hurt myself to smell minty either with some essential oils. I’m still on the fence about them. We’ll write more about them at another point.


  1. I found eucalyptus to be soothing to tired and achy feet, knees, hands and elbows. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. After being on my feet all day at the bookstore, or at my computer for hours writing, eucalyptus helps. Also, breaks, stretching and see breathing.


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