I'm going to be political

I've blogged a bit about adopting the term transgender, how it's made me uncomfortable, and mostly how I'm not ready to make that change.

So I'm going to touch on that subject one more time. I had a lot of time to think of this. I've followed many people on social networks to see how they transitioned. I reflected a lot on the possibility of transphobia and other roadblocks.

I prayed a lot.

Then I didn’t think of it too much. I put the thought away until it came back to me several weeks later. Usually when thoughts come back on their own this way, it’s because they resolved themselves.

When you break down a person and pick apart all their characteristics, behaviors, sexualities, identities, and roles… it’s a nightmare. Having so many definitions and identifications helps a lot for political reasons. For marketing purposes, school applications, job applications...they could completely polarize and close doors! That’s a hard fact to accept.

But I’m going to do it now and forever hold my peace.

I’m a Latino, genderqueer, bisexual poet who crochets and is interested in treating everyone and everything like the meaningful and valuable object, person, animal, metaphysical being that they are. I’m going to teach crochet, writing, and how to respect everyone because everyone deserves to exist.


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