The Quest For Perfection

I’ve been on a diet for the past 16 years. Obviously, I’ve had many failures and many accomplishments on this so called diet. But, I’ve only just reached my high school weight this year. I’ve been overweight THAT LONG and dieting is THAT HARD for me. Hey, but I do have some accomplishments. I have successfully reduced the amount of medication I take for my diabetes. I have never been so active in my life. And I cook almost, if not all, of my meals.

And that’s great, but still I strive for perfection. I am convinced, after 16 years of dieting, that the key to my success is to eat a certain level of carbohydrates. So last year, I poured over websites, books, and calorie counters to find the perfect balance of a Sopphey Approved serving of carbohydrates. Examples of this is a third cup of rice or one smaller sized corn tortilla. Ten french fries. So I count my french fries. It’s kinda nutty. But hey if I can eat 10 french fries, that’s better than zero french fries.

But now...I need a little bit more perfection. How many french fries make a Sopphey Approved serving of fat? Seven french fries. Seven french fries is still better than zero french fries. Other items on the Sopphey Approved serving of fat include: five Ritz crackers, eight almonds, 1 tbsp of Land O Lakes light butter with canola oil, 1 tsp of olive oil, 0.17 oz of rope sausage, 0.5 oz of hot cheetos… and this list is only beginning.

Why do I have to make this so complicated? I just do and it’s going to work.


  1. Ah, the constant quest for perfection. The perfect weight, hair, clothes--image. Thanks for sharing this personal journey. As a recovering bulimic, I know for a fact that food and all the issues that come with it (or with having to make do with less of it) is a powerful drug of my own choice. Finding the balance between total abandon and fierce control is hard.

    1. Finding a balance is like a mythical creature... Thank you for sharing your story too. Food is a hell of thing to combat.


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