Revisiting For the Seasons

I’m going to start with disclaimers. I put together For the Seasons when I thought I was never going to talk to my inspiration, ever again. And I didn’t, for a really long time and to test my bravery I published a web version of it on my previous blog Sopphey Says.

For the Seasons cover.
Then she and I touched base again. We talked a lot at first about each other, and even went into detail about all the ugly and gritty things that hurt our relationship. Yet, The feelings we had, the memories we shared, they’re all solid. They’re older, as we are. They’re more clearer, and that’s fantastic. And lastly, they’re in a really great placethe best they’ve been in a while!

Still, it took a long while for me to tell her that I had written a whole book about us. Yeah, she knew that I had written a couple of poem here and there and I had shown them to her, but she’d never seen the whole thing. I always felt like the book marked a very troublesome time in our friendship, and even though we’re no longer dating, there’s still something there.

And finally, I showed her a link to the book. I told her that everyone who has read it loved it.

One of her first questions was, “what do people think about my character?” So I explained to her that there was no real main characters. I offered her a copy of the book, because in principle it belongs to her too. Then I sat quietly while she sped read the entire book! She loved it, and I was glad. And now she’s my number one fan! Well, she has to be.


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