My first finished knitted project

I wouldn't call myself a knitter. I've only tried to knit every now and then. It was always really confusing. Or I would look at the project and go through the motions with the needles and not really get anywhere. It just looked weird. The needles felt strange in my hands.

My first finished knitted project.
But, I promised my friend Michelle from +The Yarnies  that I would do something for their first KAL, knit-a-long. And well here it is. I have two more projects started, don't know when I'm going to finish them. I think I'm going to marathon crochet a blanket to refresh my brain. Knitting is nifty, though, and I'm pretty excited I got this done.

I'm not super good at watching podcasts. However, The Yarnies have a new podcast. Go give it a look!


  1. Your first scarf looks amazing! N when I felt it, it felt soo squishy! Congrats!

  2. Hi Sopphey. The site looks great, as does the scarf. A little glitch, I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to comment (but here I am!)

  3. The site looks great Sopphey! Congrats on the scarf!

    I know what you mean about the knitting. I'm currently trying to learn to dictate my WIP instead of typing. There are pros and cons for both more pros for the comfort of sitting down at my computer and typing away. I think with time and practice I'll be able to retrain my brain to dictate as efficiently as I type. And you will be able to knit as beautifully and quickly as you crochet! <3

  4. Even now after years of crocheting and knitting, I have to remind myself how to get started. My brain needs a little nudging. Hey, this really is a poet's Website. The word "years" was auto corrected to Yeats!


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