Get Your Bags Out

It’s no secret. I can crochet upside down, backwards, forwards, through one loop, through both loops, through the front post, through the back post, in circles..and the list goes on. So a couple of years back one of my good friends sent me a link to a crochet mat that was made out of plastic bags yarn (plarn), to see if I’d give it a shot.

Homemade Plarn
Years later. Haha. I really love making plarn. It’s so easy to make and attach. It’s a bit of a challenge to crochet with it. But it’s definitely doable!

I’m going to be making the rounds in the following months to ask my local friends to recycle their bags for plarn. Then, when I get around 500 or so bags I will be able to make a mat to give to those in need. This mat can be used as a bed! I think it’s the best idea ever and it’s a great way to give back to my community.


  1. Where is "local?" I have bags and have been waiting for the right cause. This might be it. Email me, please.


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