Being Important

I'm such an impressionable person. I wouldn't say that I'm one who keeps up with appearances. But, sometimes when I visit a friend's house and they have all these matching silverware and various matching display trays for food.. I really go back home and almost want the same thing.

The I break a dish or spill my drink on the floor and I realize that an immaculate home with matching dishes and silverware is not quite my style. But I can dream.

I also sometimes dream of being important. I'd like being that person that walks into a party and has to greet everyone because they're homies. Picture the scenario with me, you hug the host who opened the door. Make your way around the room to hug 18-25 people. It's not quite the center of attention, it feels like you know someones. And those someones really cares about you.

And I do think it's important to meet a lot of people. To care about a lot of people. To treat them kindly. To be in their precious presence. And if I could be one of those people, if I could mean something to someone. If they show their friends my Facebook page and talk about all that I crochet and knit or write. Then maybe I'm someone important to them.

Maybe there's something precious about me too.


  1. Of course you're important and precious. Aren't we all? Great post.

    1. Yes! We're all important and precious.

  2. When you have a big personality and are honest and smart, some people will be intimidated and decide they don't like you. That's their problem. Not yours.


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