Mourning the death of a celebrity

When a person dies I think of three things in the following order:

  • Am I going to attend their funeral?
  • Will we be asked to make cookies for the reception?
  • God forgives if I don’t do the previous two.

As I write this, it is quite an awful procession of thoughts to have about a person’s death. Yet, life has prepared me this way after having a year and a half of deaths in my church. Some one after another beginning the year before, a December and ending in March.

David Bowie, Jan 08, 1947 - Jan 10, 2016
So when David Bowie died. When Prince died. When...all these wonderful people that we only knew about because of their roles in literature, music, movies, or television found a way to heaven…

I did not have to attend their funeral.

I was not asked to bake cookies for the reception

God forgave me for only allowing a minute silence in their name before I continued with my day.


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