Decisions We Make

If I look over my life I find that I'm not always happy with the decisions I make. Sometimes these decisions are made for me. Yet, it's always up to me to take these moments and make something off of them. And even then, I don't always make the best of decisions. But that's life. Or at least that's what I've learned that life is supposed to be.

But, what I've also learned that even though these so-called 'bad decisions' are littered over my life, these bad decisions were the necessary decisions. They are the turning points that needed to occur to bring me to the place that I am. This theory is similar to the idea that all of our past experiences, good or bad, lead to this one person we become.

"So what now?" I ask myself.

I got accepted into a local culinary arts program in the fall. I'm starting a cookie venture. I'm the managing editor for Five 2 One Magazine. I'm working on my first novel of my adult life.

I'm struggling with a lot of things in life, but overall I'm living comfortably. I'm so blessed that of all the decisions I've chosen to... I'll have to think of that more.


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