All the advice was right

Do you remember everything you learned in high school? Yeah I don’t either (not even 75% of my classmates). But I remember some things about job hunting that really have stood the test of time.

Things like:
  • Always read a document before you fill it out
  • Dress to impress, you dirty son of a bitch
  • Have references
  • Carry your resume
  • Keep your phone on silent
  • N/A, use N/A
  • Do not lie on your resume

But what high school didn’t teach me and y’all shall really know is:
  • Don’t put your SSN on an application so readily.
  • Okay, you really need the exact dates you worked at places. Web applications need to be precise that way.
  • Your work experience is nothing if you don’t list skills
  • Your references need to be personal or professional references. People like personal ones better some times, but know the difference between boss friend and hang out friend.
  • Future employers would love to know how much you’ve made at your previous job to see if they can get away with paying you shit wages. So don’t humor them and put your past wages.

The importance of a job application is to get an interview and discuss all these wonderful things about you. The job market is so saturated right now that it’s important to be yourself and portray yourself to the fullest of your ability to land that job. How hard can it be, right?


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