Without Wings

Ever wonder about the expression “the weight of the world on our shoulders” or “the yoke of the Lord?” Granted, the second expression is not always as popular as the first, but they’re about the same thing: responsibility.

In the most rudimentary term of our existence, we as individuals are responsible for our well being. No one is going to make sure you wake up in time for breakfast, or catch the bus into town, get a job. Pay for your food. Really, not even your parents are responsible after a certain points. We’re individual creatures, we make our own choices.

At times we make choices that last a few hours, that slip and slide with the movement of the sun, and some last a lifetime. However, because WE ARE individuals living as a single cells in this multicellular organism that is our world and universe--our actions affect everybody. As persons, we’re asked to make better decisions for ourselves that won’t harm us because believe it or not, our choices will influence our surroundings.

That’s the responsibility of world on our shoulders. We can’t do everything we want whenever we want. Because we have to be responsible and do what we want which won’t mess with the well being of others. That adds extra pressure on our shoulder blades where we carry the weight of our responsibility.

When the burden of the world becomes too much work or too heavy I like to remember an old story. It’s a story about how when we were little angels in God’s big heaven we had wings on our shoulder blades. With the addition of wings, we were much lighter and our burdens were much easier to carry.

But we are without wings now. And some days it’s a chore to even stay awake when the sun’s rays push upon our faces like finger tips.


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