I have many. The one that's nagging recently is the fear of getting close to a person. I'm not talking about a relationship type close. I'm talking about acquaintances or friend close. Disclosing little things like where I go drinking with AND who I go drinking with. Why I'm so casual with certain people and calling them my dates.

It's frightening because I choose to associate with all types of people and explore different aspects of life. It just so happens that the people I care about in each circle isn't necessarily tolerable of the other circle.

It's a tragedy. I've tried to find people who are as social as I am in different circles but I just end up alone. Out of that loneliness if I find myself at a bar I call up my bar friends. If I'm in a crazed daze looking for a yarn inspiration I find myself with my yarn friends. It's lonely to say that I have friends for all occasions.

But it just so happens to be true.


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