Are you pregnant?

I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ve gotten many different people asking me if I were pregnant and it usually pissed me off. Generally, it’s an offense for women who are not pregnant to be confused with women that are pregnant. More precisely, no one wants to be judged on their weight.

But I was sitting on the sidewalk next to the bus stop. A crochet hook in hand, going in rounds with double crochets--making a little hat.

"Are you making a hat for your baby?" An older gentleman on a wheelchair of asked. I stared at him. "Well, aren't you pregnant?"

No. I wasn't pregnant I responded. I'm making a hat for a mission trip in Reynosa, Mexico.


In a way, I was shocked and so moved that the man thought I would be making my child a hat. Maybe in the future I will. But most importantly, this conversation made me realize: I love making things for people I care about.

Especially because I'm so blessed to know how to crochet. To be able to crochet little things and big things. To teach my learnings to others, even though I am self taught. Each hat, scarf, prayer gift I make is a blessing to make for ME. It's God's gift to me.

It's my kindness taking form with a string of faith and technique. It's beauty in warmth and prayers. I'm so thankful for my gift, and can't imagine the welcoming arms of the little soul who will wear my little hat.


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