When He Doesn’t Respond

I’m blessed with having a lot of wonderful people in my life. Some are seasonal, only coming around once in awhile. Some are recurring moments, only coming into my life for a split second before vanishing into the world again. But some seem like they are forever. Or at least more than five years.

One of my friends, let’s name him Z in honor of his masked presence in my life, comes and goes every few days or weeks. But never any longer than a month. I think we’d both get too lonely without each others company. Z and I met through a mutual friend (we’ll talk more about A later). I think her and I were so fascinated and enamored with him for various reasons. But due to the nature of the online world, we are all still strangers to each other. Only knowing bits and pieces about each other’s names, lives, and maybe even profession.

We know enough to care about each other. Right now I’m really missing Z. We message each other, he watches TV at times or reads articles while I crochet. He reminds me that I don’t read enough of the up and coming writers. Which I don’t. He chides me for not going to the library more often enough. It’s only a five minute walk. He makes a list of books for me to explore. Some I read, some I ignore.

In all fairness, he’s a wonderful mentor. Always reminding me to write. Always reminding me of writing opportunities I need to latch on to. Always there until he’s having a bad day or he’s off to visit family. Or heaven forbid his family visits him; we don’t get much time to talk those days. He’s wonderful.

I tell A now and then that everyone needs a Z in their life. I need a Z in my life. But when the messages are quiet. And I’m busy, as I’m sure he is. I wonder. Is he okay? Will he miss me as much as I miss him. Maybe I should listen to him more often. He’s so patient. I’d punch me already if I were mentoring myself. Then I stop wondering and message the shit out of him. Maybe send a few exclamation points for good measure.

Do you have a Z in your life?


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