Giving and Giving

In the old world, things were cut and dry. Good and Evil divided life, moral and immoral described actions, and relationships were broken down by the phase give or take. In the new world, things are so much brighter. They’re not as dry, as they have flourished by some bout of confidence. In this new world, I'm focusing my relationships in a different matter. I'm prioritizing friends who follow the practice of "giving and giving."

These are people who give back to their community with their time. For example the wonderful people I've met at the Lamb's Loom. They give so much of their time in running the store, creating scarves, hats, shawls, and comfort dolls for people in need. And the Prayer Quilt Ministry, week after week, these ladies create lap size quilts for people going through difficult times. If that isn’t giving, well, it is so there’s no room for argument. I prioritize my time with those two groups of women.

And it feels so good to be around giving people. It doesn’t feel like I’m a clever person always getting what I want through manipulation and subtle guiding of people. I’m not that clever person, but my background in self-destruction makes me believe so. Being friends where I give and they give, and neither of us really takes because we’re both giving. That keeps the self destructive thoughts away.

And that’s nice. Do you see yourself in any giving and giving relationships?
*I’m taking an approach from Caitlyn Jenner in the sense that Caitlyn references her life after coming out as “Caitlyn” while everything done before coming out is “Bruce.” Yet, I’m not changing any names, I’m quite happy with Sopphey Vance, my before coming out time is “the old world,” versus the “new world.”


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