The Quiet Moments

Ever lay awake at night, sobbing in a panic, wondering why you can't feed all the hungry people who can't feed themselves? And wondering how you could tell the difference? Just in case, you don't feed those who can take care of their own.

Or if it's really necessary to carry band aids to protest.

These examples are my own, but you know those moments, the quiet ones, where you get all the answers to all the questions.

I've grown to dislike quiet moments. They are always taxing and overwhelming. If the sobbing isn't physically exhausting, the poor sleep is debilitating. These moments are so transparent, like a close encounter with God and the universe. Perhaps tipping the scales and slightly touching heaven.

But maybe, these moments have really moved me into a better path. A place where I can sleep easily knowing answers and having assurance that answers do exist.

The answer is feed everyone whether they can provide for themselves or not. Carry first aid. Emergencies are real.

Do you ever have quiet moments? What are your experience with them?


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