Life Decisions, 2015

There are a lot of topics and events I want to blog about. Some are current, while others are recurring. The one that really left me thinking is a short exchange at The Lamb's Loom (I find such spiritual refuge at the place, I must tell you more about it—soon).

The exchange, in no realistic order began with my loud exclamation:

"Go to Sopphey dot com!"

"Sopphey dot com, is that for real?"

"Yes, yes. But remember to spell it S O PP H E don't want to get any surprises. OK now click on 'crochet,' See!"

If you click on 'crochet,' you'll see mentions of the yarn ministries I contribute to. Which is super exciting because I spend A LOT of resources on yarn. And in no realistic fashion, this exchange continued by another with a slight tilt of the head and a lowered, but not quite, confession:

"Sopphey, I love your blog."

A quizzical expression translated to, 'you've seen my blog?'

"You shared it on Facebook."

And, of course, I don't know many people that read my blog once I share it. Of course there are metrics and analytics. Of course.

A tinge of pink painted itself on my fuzzy cheeks translated to, 'thank you. You've seen my blog!'

Thank you, YOU RIGHT NOW, for reading! This whole exchange stayed with me as I skimmed through 700 or so posts on my previous blog, Sopphey Says. I went way back in the archives to June 2010 when I asked myself: am I a writer or a publisher?

Header for Sopphey Says
As a publisher, I founded and ran my own literary magazine for four years. I have edited, designed, and published 11 magazines and sat on the editorial staff for many others. I helped two friends start their literary dreams. Oh, and a network of writing related magazines and websites. I've done alright as a publisher.

As a writer, I was a founding member of an online writing community. I've had my poetry and fiction published in various websites, zines, magazines, and anthologies. I wrote poetry chapbooks. I've done well.

But am I a writer or a publisher? The answer is writer. Writing is my heart and soul. And how does one come to a decision like this? You must really examine both options. Maybe give them a trial run. Ultimately, you take a step back from both.

The choice that keeps calling your name right before your mind wanders into sleep. And not just calls you one day, and forgets about you for a month. But consistently whispers, screams, weeps, and quietly waits for you—that's the choice you make.

Decisions are difficult for some people, but what about you? How do you make decisions?


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