The Little Things

I told an old friend, the inspiration of For the Seasons, that I would start transitioning into the appearance of a man soon. Starting with a haircut, new clothes, and some form of chest binding. The next day I confided in a friend that I would go as far as my paycheck would take me and showed her the haircut I wanted.

Really, I'm not really sure if I should call what I'm doing as transitioning. In a way, I'm just trying to make my appearance match how I feel deep down. I want to finally show the world who I think I am. It's a destination after a lifetime of soul searching!

Other little changes I'm making include eating fewer carbs and working out so that my body can be more masculine. I tried growing a 'beard' but that's so unbecoming. How does it not bother guys to have a beard?!? I'm looking up a ton of Pete Burns pictures to create a style. He's such an inspiration both as a person (come on, he married a man before it was legal) and as an artist.

I'm thinking the whole look thing, or as I'm thinking to call it, look a great first step. Not the first step. Because life isn't math, things happen in overlapping sequences. But a great step to finalizing an identity that gender queer and transgender people hope to achieve.


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