I find myself to be most insensitive. It's practically tunnel vision. I avoid things that either make me uncomfortable or completely bore me. Not because these things are uncomfortable OR boring, but because I refuse to see merit in them. That's complete tunnel vision, right?

But, aren't we entitled to only care for our own wants and desires? Wouldn't that just be peachy, and lonely? That's where I am now. Entitled, peachy, and lonely. Look I'm sorry I'm having so much fun being closed minded and by myself. But I can't help it that I'd rather be alone and bored than with company and... Well bored.

Please don't worry about me. You're better off without having a friend like me. I've sucked people into my insecurities. I've left issues sour my demeanor. I've stayed quiet, hidden my feelings, and you've lived your life. It's been fun, I've heard. I hope you know,  though I'm not having the time of my life, I'm still me.

And I think you're an amazing person.


  1. I'm sure many around have been there, and many still are. And i'm not going to say it's temporary. First, it's this thing that you describe; then it's even not worth it to put those feelings in words... I personally notice, that I got tired of even trying to explain it. I get all the same comments of "Cheer up, things will change", or "I feel the same, keep up with the everyday stuff." or even "Try to look for the positive..." bla-bla-bla.
    I hear you very well, Sopphey. And I think of you very often. Every time I look into my Hangouts, I think I should drop you a smile or something. But then I give up, bec I have nothing meaningful to say. Perhaps that's the way life goes, and it's a naturall fall into indifference.
    And yes, I hear you very well, my dear friend.

    1. A smile goes a long way! Thank you for thinking of me. Leaving a 'thinking of you' message is always a good idea! I hope you're doing amazing. I think of you often too.


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