Dear God:

I can't let the people I care about into my circle of trust. Why are people embarrassed to see others dance in public? Or being loud, outspoken, and themselves?

God. Is it okay if I stopped looking over Genesis? If I stopped studying the story of Sarah and Abraham, formerly known as Sarai and Abram. Is my name 'Sarai', okay to discard? And will it be okay to make a new agreement with my new name Sopphey Vance as we witnessed on September of 2013? The day of my baptism, when it meant something to see almost strangers stand with my as I entered your realm.

Can I still be Christian if I'm a little transgender or gender queer? What if I transitioned into more of a male appearance? What if I chose to ask science to help me become more of a woman? Can I still seek justice, love and kindness, and walk humbly with you? Can I still attend the women's Bible study? Can I still help out in the church kitchen. Do I all of a sudden not belong in a public women's or men's restroom?

Can you still love me? Care for me, guide me? Will grace still protect me if I'm different!



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