Author Platform Checklist

Ever since...well it's been awhile since I've really been in the groove of my author's platform. And that's a problem. The Wordsmith Studio Homecoming blog hop theme for this week asks us to write about a challenge, or a lot of things related to writing. I'm focusing on my author platform, or an 'author platform boot camp,' to help me get back into the groove of things.
1. Masquerade under the daylight, the moonlight: all over the World Wide Web...define who you are.

I'll make this painless. Fill in the blanks:

[   ] Name or pen name
[   ] LinkedIn profile
[   ] Facebook profile
[   ] Twitter profile
[   ] Google+ profile


[   ] Goodreads profile for authors
[   ] Pinterest profile
[   ] Instagram profile

2. Pack your bags! Hone your skills, Ready for action? It's time to create.

[   ] Create goals. Writing goals, editing goals, SEO goals, and publicity goals to name a few.
[   ] Make a blog or website.
[   ] Tailor blog posts and items to your target SEO goals.
[   ] Add a call to action to blog posts, blog, and social media content.
[   ] Make all your content shareable.
[   ] Add email feed to your blog and/or RSS feed.
[   ] Create an Editorial calendar for your blog and promotional content.
[   ] Join a social media manager or create a management plan to update and engage in social media.
[   ] Create a time management plan. Make time for writing, editing, and publicity.

3. Hop on the train, the journey awaits. Mingle with your audience and peers.

[   ] Run a search of your name to see if you're meeting your SEO and publicity goals.
[   ] Share your blog posts to your platform.
[   ] Read blog posts and write meaningful comments.
[   ] Tweet with tweeps about interesting ideas, keep blind advertising to a minimum.
[   ] Find helpful articles or blog posts and share them to your platform.
[   ] Follow and engage with new people.
[   ] Pitch a guest blog post in a subject you're passionate about.
[   ] Interview people you are interested in.
[   ] Join blog hops and challenges.

And so much more! Building an author platform isn't an exact science, but if you use this checklist you'll be off to a great start! Have you worked on your author platform lately?


  1. You're taking us back to our Wordsmith Studio roots, Sopphey. Thank you for the easy to follow checklists and for joining the blog hop.

  2. Thanks for this handy checklist, Sopphey. I'll have to bookmark this post.

  3. Thanks for the refresher, Sopphey!


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