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This is a blog hop! =wink=

Hello again. It's been awhile since I've blogged. Since I've written more than a couple of lines. But now that it's April that it's National Poetry's time to write!

So what’s new? No more Sopphey Says...maybe an odd playlist here and there. Poems! I love poetry. More yarn work, more commentary on the daily (rather dull?) occurings in my life. Oh, and blog hops.

It’s the 3rd anniversary of the Wordsmith Studio and we’re doing many fun things, like scavenger hunts and Twitter chats. The first blog hop prompt is an interview on the theme “Writers Homecoming,” so here goes!

Q. Are you a WSSer (a member of Wordsmith)? If so, sound off about how long you’ve been a member, your favorite way to participate, or anything you’ve missed if you’ve been away. We’re not your mother/father… there will be no guilt about how long since your last call.

A. Founding member! I’ve had so much fun since the beginning. I even got to host a #read1watch1 challenge. Hope to get involved more.

Q. What medium do you work in? For our writing folks, are you currently working on fiction, poetry or nonfiction, or a combination? Anyone YA or mystery or thriller or…?

A. Writing and yarn! Not at the same time though. Usually I stick to writing poetry with the occasional prose. Yarn, oh my gosh--I’m venturing into the land of blankets!

Q. What’s the name of your current project (ok multitaskers, give us your main one)?

A. Straight to the Heart. A new poetry book, this will be my fourth.

'Golden Taxi' excerpt from Straight to the Heart

Q. What is your favorite detail, sentence or other bit you’ve written lately?

A. I want to be as fluid as my words.

Q. Any obstacles or I-hate-this-chapter moments?

A. Hands down, Straight to the Heart, has been the toughest book to gather. The poems are all of equal nature, being topics that involve more soul-searching. More pain dwelling. It’s been really tough to be satisfied with the different themes that are coming together to make a cohesive book. But it’s coming together.

Q. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned lately from your writing?

A. I just have to let it be. My writing is so sincere to what I believe and feel, I can’t deny that.

Q. In what ways do you hope to grow in the next 6 months/year?

A. I want to learn how to fly. Yeah, fly, fly, fly--like in the song “Sissy that Walk,” by Ru Paul. I’m older now, it’s time to embrace me.

Q. In what ways do writing friends and communities help you do that?

A. Writers are the most wonderful people. Some are so creative and do not hesitate to follow the rabbit hole into literary creations. They inspire me and keep me grounded

Q. What else should we have asked you, or what would you ask other writers?

A. Writers, do you think iambic pentameter is dead? Or do you use it? You can use it in prose, right?

Interviews always leave me so breathless! Start of a new blog, new book coming soon. Lots to do, but I can’t stop and you can’t either. What are you working on this week?


  1. I'm so glad you joined the blog hop. You've got some terrific new projects going. I'm working on Robert Lee Brewer's 2015 PAD challenge and that Twitter scavenger hunt!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, it feels great to be back into blogging. Best of luck with the PAD challenge!

  2. I love how you got right to the point. My post was a bit long-winded. :-) Congrats on your book! And your blankets! I wish I could still knit.

    1. You should knit! Thank you for the congrats, no release date yet, though.

  3. Sopphey, I always love to hear what you are up to. I'll be cheering you on as you tackle blankets. My stepmother was fabulous at knitting blankets -- baby sized or huge... But I swear... I got about 8" in when I started one before having my son. It was fun to do, but I ran out of time and never got it done. Be sure to post pictures! So glad you jumped in on the blog hop!

    1. Thank you for visiting Elissa. Pics? I'll do my best.

  4. I love the idea of being so sincere in everything you write. We all share so much of ourselves in our work. It can be scary great. Glad to know you, Sopphey!

    1. Glad to know you too Kasie. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Glad to see you back! Good luck!

    Wondered what happened to Sopphey Says...

    I, too, have begun to respond to the Blog Hop prompts

    Kiril The Mad Macedonian


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